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At, our hope is to build a diverse community of varying beliefs whose members are able to share stories across news circles. In this community, each of us has the chance to be exposed to news we wouldn’t typically see on other media sites where content is tailored based on algorithms that measure our behaviors and interests, limiting our exposure to new ideas and, consequently, to growth. Discovering new media sources can be a daunting task, and even when we take personal initiative to find content beyond our circles, we can usually only get so far, because there are tens of thousands of news sources. Instead of attempting to sift through them all, we often resort to those news sources we’ve grown comfortable with, and in doing so, we miss out on meaningful stories.

So this site is for us: a community of people who want access to more meaningful content about what's going on across the world, whether that content centers on the political or the personal, on the planet or on an individual. We want stories that matter. is essentially a social new aggregator. What that means is that you determine which stories matter. You get to decide what stories need to be seen and to bring them to our community by either sharing a link from a news source or creating your own story. As a community, we will illuminate those stories deserving of our attention.

We hope you enjoy this idea and help create a community that sheds light on meaningful content.